You’re shirts are great. The quality is awesome, something I worry about online.

M.C. (bought the Drunk Unicorn T-Shirt)
Thank you for existing. Your site just kills me. And the info you provide about the t-shirts, especially the religious ones is mind-blowing.

C.V. (bought a Kali T-shirt)
I've only bought 3 things on internet but you've been the best experience by far. Keep up the great work.

J.C. (bought a vintage Steve Earle tour shirt)
When we first found your site we couldn’t believe our eyes. The way you guys mix the sacred with the profane, well, your devil may care attitude really busted us up.

G.S. & F.S. (bought the I’d rather Be Tripping T-shirts)
Great. Fast. And Funny as hell.

V.D. (bought Supergay T-shirt)
I first saw your shirts on Telegraph Avenue when I was on vacation. I couldn’t get their weirdness out of my mind. I had to give you my money. Thanks.

B.R. (bought the Alice through the Looking Glass T-shirt)
First off, thanks for your no BS pricing. And the fact that your shirts are so offensive and illuminating at the same time- priceless.

H.G. (bought the Horus Christ T-shirt)
I saw you at the height Ashbury Street Fair, and I didn’t buy the Ron Jeremy Shirt. I’ve regretted it for almost a year- but now I’ve got it! Thanks for the prompt delivery, now I’m living the dream.

M.K. (bought the Viva Ron Jeremy T-shirt)
I got my shirts today, and my roommates are all jealous. What more could I want?.

A.L. (bought Go Bears & California Drinking Team T-shirts)